Tsukioka Yoshitoshi - Joganden Moon

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi - Joganden Moon
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Tsukioka Yoshitoshi - Joganden Moon. Published by Akiyama Buemon. Date, 1888. Measures at 13.5x 9.Bio: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (Taiso) (1839-1892) was a Japanese artist often considered as the last great master of the ukiyo-e movement of woodblock printing and painting. The term ukiyo-e translates to "pictures of the floating world" and refers to a genre of Japanese art with a wide span of imagery such as kabuki actors, folk tales, landscapes, and even erotica. This movement was critical in forming the Western perception of Japanese art.

Remnants from prior mounting, visible in the margins. A few thin area, some color fading. Very good impression, good colors and overall condition.